Programmatic Management of Drug resistant Tuberculosis

regional Green Light Committee (r GLC) Mission 2018

The above mission is held annually and it is conducted by World Health Organization, South-East Asia Regional (WHO SEAR) consultant Dr. Vineet Bhatia.  Multi Drug Resistant Tuberculosis (MDR TB) evaluation, Gene X pert expansion plan and expansion of MDR TB shorter regimen were discussed in this mission, which was held from 23/05/2018 to 27/05/2018.

Some of the Key recommendations of the GLC mission are as follows.

  • Universal Drug Susceptibility testing must be achieved at the soonest possible by end of 2018.
  • Workload analysis at Gene X pert sites.
  • Improve coordination for use of Gene X pert machines.
  • Establishment of sputum collection centres at all hospitals and strengthening transportation networks.
  • Active adverse events monitoring is a must and needs to be emphasized to all attending the patients
  • Infection Prevention Control (IPC) and taking measures for Triaging of patients, such as free availability of masks for patients and taking administrative measures to build waiting areas with open spaces to provide proper ventilation, providing coughing booths at OPDs etc.
  • Switching from longer regimen to shorter regimen
  • Encouraging private hospitals to include TB screening in corporate agreements
  • Continuous sensitization of General Practitioners
  • Urgent workload assessment of Public Health Laboratory Technicians (PHLTs) , radiologist and other staff and redistribution, as necessary
  • Operationalization of digital X-ray for screening
  • Innovative means to approach migrants
  • Innovative insurance plans that cover TB treatment
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